Lifeguard Challenge 2011

Run to Maenporth (3.4 miles) / Board Paddle to Swanpool (3.1 miles) / Swim to Gylly (0.8 miles)

The results:

Matt Trewhella 50:32
Dave Bartlett 52:22
Matt Stone 55:42
Issy Steele 57:14
Paul Hills 58:53
Natasha Mundell 59:16
Melissa Reid 60:54
Matt Casey 61:12
Jake Maddocks 61:30
Ali Blocksidge 62:16
Tom James 65:00 (did get led astray by John Posnett)
Jason Longhorn 69:20
Beccy Waters 71:32
Kris Lawrence 79:00

A big thank you to Georgia Christophers, Marissa Nichols and Courtney-Lee Reid for water cover. Also to Reggie, Julie Drage, Emily Trebilcock, James Mundell, Jules and Michelle without them it would not have been able to go ahead. Sorry if I have missed any helpers. Photos below, videos on the Gylly Facebook page.