Max Hocking Nipper Carnival

SUNDAY 12th June 2011 at 10.30 am

Holywell Bay.

  • Fun day for all Nippers from 7years upwards.
  • Must hold Level1 SLS GB Surf Safety (or Dolphin 1) to take part in water events.
  • All Nippers must be members of the SLSGB and clubs must be affiliated to the Cornwall Region.
  • Each club to bring an appropiate number of Nipper boards for the members taking part, please make sure they are clearly marked with the club name, bring buckets and spades.
  • Do not forget sun block and plenty of drink.
  • This is a fun carnival and the children will be mixed into different teams of equal numbers. It will be good practise for the newer members wishing to compete in the Cornish Champs. We will need team leaders and help from members and parents to run the events, it will be helpful for members wishing to train as officials. Could you please complete the attached form with all the childrens names, age and membership number, there is no entry fee but we need to keep a record of all those participating.
  • Please return the entry form by the 6th June, so that we know numbers expected.
  • We will need help with water safety cover, please bring torpedoes and a rescue board, with enough helpers for the number of Nippers you are bringing.
  • There is a a large National Trust car park in the village and then you need to follow the stream to the beach.

The beach is Lifeguarded by the RNLI.

Programme of Events

High Tide 15.00pm

10.30am       Welcome, Sort teams and team leader

11.00am       Tag team Wade

Mixed age groups (6 teams of girls, 6 teams of boys)

Area 1 – Girls                                       Area 2 – Boys

Board relay event

Taplin Relay

Teams of: 2 runners, 2 swimmers, 2 board paddlers

Several races until all children have completed a race

1pm              LUNCH

2.0 pm        Flags

3.0pm          Sprints