Membership Fee Review

Dear members,

The Committee has been reviewing the current fee structure consisting of an annual membership fee and the weekly collection of subscriptions.

From 1 October 2015 this system will be replaced by a single annual fee of £120 which will cover the membership fee and ALL training sessions attended (including pool training and turbo training for masters).

The Committee have undertaken a costing exercise based on the number of sessions run and believe that £120 is a fair cost for members.

A membership evening will be held in October 2015 as in previous years to renew memberships.

Members will have the option of paying the full amount up front or by way of 3 instalments of £40, one at the membership evening followed by payments on 1 January and 1 April by way of post dated cheques which will be collected at the membership evening.

If you have any comments on the above, please email club chairman Matthew Stone ( Your feedback is welcome.


Gylly SLSC Committee.