St Agnes Triathlon 2012

Conditions were good with little wind to trouble the cycle, although the sea conditions were the most challenging we have had for some time. A 2-3 foot swell with hellish wind chop made for a generally unpleasant swim.

The Event includes an open water swim of approximately 900m starting with a run off the beach, out to to the bouy 1, across to bouy 2 and back to the beach. That would not be so bad if there was’nt then that punishing run up the hill to transition in the Driftwood Spars car park. The bike route is a relatively painful uphill climb out of St. Agnes across to Porthtowan, through Wheal Rose, up Blackwater Hill with a nice fast return through Teagle Straight, all the way through the village and back to transition. The run begins with a climb (I mean ‘climb’) up Rocky Lane which then continues up and up and up to the top of the beacon before a lovely downhill stretch back through the village and finish.

Thanks to John Posnett and Clive Boyes-Hunter for helping out with the water cover.

Gylly Results

5th – Allan reid – 1:17:08 (4th Male)
13th – Matthew Stone – 1:23:21
16th – Gylly Team (Courtney-Lee Reid/Matt Casey/ Alice Nicholas) – 1:25:11 (3rd Team)
18th – Jack Trevail – 1:27:13
19th – Kieran Townsend – 1:29:25
23rd – Paul Brandwood – 1:30:55
24th – Gareth Brandwood – 1:31:42
26th – Melissa Reid – 1:31:47 (3rd Female)
36th – Gregory Hunt – 1:34:51
46th – Emily Trebilcock – 1:42:43

Aggie Tri 2012 Results